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We offer various types of home cleaning services. Learn about them below and see which one best fits your home cleaning needs! Call us today or schedule a free appointment,

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Basic Home Maintenance Cleaning:

Your house, apartment or office requires constant attention. You can hire us on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Basis. You will receive the following maintenance cleaning services:


Scrubbing of the sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, mirror, floors, sink accessories, and waste cans emptied


Scrubbing of the sinks, counter tops, appliances, cabinets, tables & chairs, floors, and waste cans emptied


Furniture, shelves, lamps, window sills, picture frames and TV/Stereos


Can make the beds and change the linens upon request


Floors are swept and mopped (please mention any flooring which requires special attention in order to provide the best service when ordering service)


Carpeting and Upholstery is vacuumed


Sweep patios, dust and clean outside furniture, clean door jams and dust off doormats


We inlcude the cleaning of up to two main windows inside and out

(It must be the same two windows every cleaning if it is a routinely cleaning)


Deep Home Cleaning

Your home deserves a thorough and detailed cleaning at least twice a year. Get the hard-to-clean areas out of the way before initiating a routinely cleaning, and be entered into our Detail Rotation Program.


This deep cleaning service includes everything in basic plus:  


    • Baseboards
    • Ceiling fans
    • Shutters, blinds, and window sills
    • Doors and door frames
    • Cabinets from top to bottom (outside only; inside may be requested)
    • Refrigerator (outside only; inside may be requested)
    • Microwave (outside and inside)
    • Dirt sports on walls (bathrooms, hallways, etc.)
    • Light fixtures and chandeliers


    • Upholstery (sofas, couches, chairs, etc.)

    • Under easily movable furniture


    Fire Place Cleaning

    • Ashes are cleaned off

    Garage Cleaning

    • Sweep and mop (Upon request)

    Special Services


    Cleaned inside both the refrigerator and the freezer

    Conventional Ovens

    Cleaned inside and out


    Cleaned inside and out; The crew will remove all items from inside, vacuum and wipe down every area inside, then return everything to its original spot


    Sweep and mop


    Remake beds with fresh linens

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